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The North East Regional Charter

Ambitious plans to transform the health of the North East were formally launched by minister for the region Nick Brown in February 2008. These plans include the right to a ‘good death’ which they define as ‘one which is free of pain, with family and friends nearby, with dignity and in the place of one’s choosing’. Their vision is that the North East will have the highest quality services to support individuals (along with their families and carers) in their choices as they approach death. A copy of the charter can be downloaded here and their website offers excellent ideas for best practice for all professionals involved in end of life care

Thanks to Teesside University Health and Social Care Institute for allowing us to include the Good Death Charter on the website:

The public’s generally expressed preference for being able to die at home is not met as often as it could be because of inadequate training amongst community based professionals, and poor facilities and protocols for care in many settings.

The A Good Death charter proposes an approach which ‘normalises’ death and places the emphasis on the development of more supportive community roles and capacity building to improve services. This focuses on the establishment of a unit which will work to pilot implementation of the charter in one local area, will support community development approaches, and will identify and deliver training to improve choice at end of life.

The idea of developing a Compassionate community approach to meeting the challenges that an ageing population places on services is creative and original, and has not been tried previously in the UK. The approach answers demands for improved care pathways and increased patient choice, as well as attention to the needs and well-being of carers.



National End of Life Care Programme

The National End of Life Care Programme works with health and social care services across all sectors in England to improve end of life care for adults by implementing the Department of Health’s End of Life Care Strategy.

The website is designed to support health and social care staff working, in any capacity, with people nearing the end of life and covers many aspects of end of life care including strategy, research and education. There are case studies, publications and data. Information is regularly updated. the site is invaluable for professionals

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