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Creating a Healing Garden

Plants have always been known for their healing value, and gardens especially can be a place of beauty, quiet and solace during difficult times.

Linking with Compassionate Communities, a new group has started work on planning and designing a healing garden which will be planted at the local Salop Drive Market Garden, in June this year.  The garden will be a resource for all to use, to visit, or to find a place of peace and contemplation in a busy world.

The group, all of whom have suffered loss, bereavement or significant life change have come together to make their ideas and vision a reality.  Meeting once a week on a Monday afternoon, the group have been exploring the use of colour, scent, and texture in plants, as well as looking at the symbolic and medicinal value of plants that can be used.  They are also bringing their own personal memories and associations to the plans.  The sessions are a mix of hands on gardening, creative work (they have just made scented ‘bath bombs’!) and time to share experiences in a supportive way.

If anyone is interested in being part of the weekly group, and helping to create the healing garden as a community resource, please contact Veronica or Richard for more information. You don’t have to be a keen gardener to take part, and all activities are accessible to those of all levels of fitness and ability.



Making Lavender Bath Bombs




What People say about the Healing Garden Project:

'The group is getting me out of the house. 12 months ago I wouldn’t go out of the house or answer the phone..I love coming to the group, it keeps my mind active instead of thinking about the past'


'I enjoy these sessions because it aids my self confidence, making new friends, it gives me drive, focus and self esteem'


' I am hoping to use the information from the group to make a healing garden at home..I have learned how to put colours together…'



For more information and details about the Healing Garden Project please contact:

Veronica Barry/ Richard Billingsley
Growing Opportunities
Ideal for All
100 Oldbury Rd
West Midlands
B66 1JE.
Tel 0121 558 5555.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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