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Compassion in the community

We often define ourselves by the communities we belong to. This may be a wide definition – British or European – but more often seeks to define our difference from others – perhaps by religion, sexual

identity or ethnic group. The group might be one that links us to others with a common interest – birdwatching or motor cars.

Most of us would include our geographical community in any definition. Where we live, who we work with, our voluntary activities, our family and friends – all these form part of the community we belong to.

The aim of the compassionate community is to develop within these groups a greater understanding of the role community plays where end of life is concerned.

We want to help all communities understand the issues around end of life across a wide ethnic diversity so that they can offer support and guidance.
We want to bring to the front many of the unaddressed issues around death and palliative care.

The following sections look at some of the issues that we care about and will campaign about







  • if you are involved in the community, religious groups or education we are happy to provide further information



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