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Promoting living and dying well


End of life care for people with learning difficulties

Coping with death for everyone is hard enough but for those with learning difficulties – and their carers – the process is even more fractious. Dr Roger Banks specialises in the Psychiatry of learning disability and the Psychotherapy in learning disability. Download his presentation on people with learning difficulty and palliative care here

Supporting people with disabilities coping with grief and loss

Disability charity Scope believe ‘It is imperative that all people have access to appropriate supports, where required and where requested, for dealing with grief and loss. People with disabilities, may require additional supports that are sensitive to and cater for their specific needs’ To that end they have produced a guide which can be downloaded here


Living and Dying with Dignity

Mencap is the voice of learning disability. They have also produced an invaluable guide detailing the best practice guide to end-of-life care for people with a learning disability which can be downloaded here






Resources for carers

NHS North East offer an invaluable resources pack, useful no matter where you live. As well as practical help, it also provides a place to record important information, contact details and financial information. Download the resource pack here.





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“ Some people in other services are as scared of learning disability as we are of people

dying... so it’s about breaking

the barriers down.”

A learning disability nurse

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